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Tips for Selling; and how to Create Listing on Facebook Marketplace


Tips for Selling; and how to Create Listing on Facebook Marketplace – Sales on a Facebook Marketplace is among my favorite ways of making money from home? Now is a great time to turn your turmoil into cash. You’re going to make a lot of money selling stuff on the Facebook market. In just one week, I made almost $700 to sell my old articles! If you want to learn how to make money on the Facebook marketplace, you have reached the right place. Today, I will share some tips about money-making and how I sold 918$ on the Facebook Marketplace within a month.

Making money on Facebook Marketplace is as easy as it gets. It is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell products locally or internationally. Simply use your Facebook account to sell products or check for items to purchase. This post is for you if you want to learn how to sell locally on Facebook Marketplace.

Is Facebook Marketplace a good place to sell?

Undoubtedly! Facebook’s marketplace is characterized by its incorporation into the Facebook world from other e-commerce Websites like Craigslist or eBay. This means that future buyers can contact the seller via Messenger or enter an area-created Facebook buy and sell community. Since Facebook Marketplace is associated with your social media profile on Facebook, it is ideal for fast background inspections that remove confusion when you buy and sell products.

Most clients check Facebook over the day, resulting in your listings being seen by prospective purchasers. Facebook Marketplace has become one of the most user-friendly and profitable sites for those who sell new products online.

How to create a listing on Facebook Marketplace

You are making a public listing when selling on and off Facebook Marketplace. Everyone is going to see it. You can also decide to post your listing in any Buy & Sell Group you belong to – this will help more people to quickly view your listing and sell things.

  • Click on the marketplace in your Facebook News Feed.
  • Click on + New list creation and then click Sale item.
  • Click Add Photos to upload a photo of your item.
  • Please enter your item information. This includes your item’s title, price, category, condition, and description. To determine how much it should be charged, research the Facebook market to see what other sellers are requesting.
  •  To post your list on Facebook Marketplace, please click Next and then click Publish.

Your Facebook Marketplace list will be published by default. If you want to increase its exposure, you can choose to list your item in local Facebook Buy & Sell Groups.

Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Consider yourself an owner of Facebook Marketplace products. It makes selling goods easier and earns the most money.

Use quality photos 

With no dark and fluffy images or photos, nobody wants to buy something. To take good photos of the item you are trying to sell, you do not need a high-end camera. My phone and this Ring Light, I take all my pictures. You can also include pictures that show the object and its condition clearly. For example, on the side of my IKEA desk, there was a small scratch that I mentioned in my purchaser list.

Purchasers often see real pictures instead of pictures of a website of the company. The more photos you post, the more likely it is that somebody will tell you to buy the product. You can include up to 10 photographs on your listing. Make sure things are clean before you photograph them if you are selling shoes, used clothes, or furniture. Nobody wants to buy dirty shoes or furnishings covered in dust.

Be honest and descriptive

If the piece is scratched or marked, inform potential buyers. If you are true to the quality of the object, people trust you more. It’s not going to disrupt them. Include keywords that people can use to find your product when writing your summary. Try something more specific rather than simply saying “books,” like “Penguin classic books on sale.” This helps you attract the right client.

Set the right price 

Consider what other items charge and how long the item is listed when examining prices of similar items on Facebook Marketplace. The original selling price and condition of the item are also remembered.

If the price is firm, or enter “OBO,” which stands for “or your best bid,” you can enter into your listing. Do not be shocked if future customers try to negotiate the price they are asking. You will receive an excessive amount of messages when you prize an item too big. You won’t be interested if you overprice an object. It is important to strike a happy medium when pricing your item.

Be specific about pickup

Would you like the buyer to come to your home and collect the item, or would you like to meet it? I would meet people in public rather than send my address out. You can put in your list phrases such as “must pick up” or “meet close” in your listing. If a customer is uncomfortable about an item but cannot collect it, I will offer to drop it out sometimes at a slightly higher price. This compensates for time loss and transport.

Make sure you agree on the price and the pickup location

In my experience, many people would rather pay by e-transfer than by cash. People often pay in advance for an item during the week, and I will then pick it up the weekend.

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